Egg to Mini-Skein Problem

How a new idea for a cast-on lead to an overhaul of my mini-skeins

Taylor Suir

a basket full of minis, a cozy memory blanket, a sweater in black, pink, and cream, a turtle toy, the beginnings of a grey hat, and two new full skeins of yarn sit in a pile on a pink background

Hello Everyone & Happy Wednesday,

I hope you are all doing well! I am slowly recovering from being sick-again (more on that in C'est la vie) and I am currently weaving in ends on my cozy memory blanket. I have mentioned before that I organized my stash that lives in my cedar chest back in December, but what I failed to mention is that my mini-skein collection has not gotten any organization whatsoever in a very long time. In fact, when I organized my stash in December I used my mini-skein bag as the dumping ground for partial skeins of all sizes. Basically, I hid yarn in the bag and called it organized.

While I was recovering in bed, I had the idea to knit the girls some egg-to-"animal" toys by Susan B. Anderson for their Easter basket. Once I decided on the toys I wanted to make, I complied a list of yarn colors I needed and dove into my stash, specifically my mini-skein stash and I found a giant mess. My mini-skeins were in several bags and most were in a nest of yarn barf. I untangled them, wound them into balls, and tucked them into my basket. My cozy memory blanket was just shoved into a project bag with even more mini-skiens so I took those out, wound them up, and added them to my basket of minis and spent my Sunday afternoon weaving in ends on the blanket. I also took the time while I wound balls and wove in ends to think about how I want my mini-skein stash to move forward in 2020.

As I have mentioned, I am working on a cozy- memory blanket with mini-skeins which unfortunately doesn't use all of the yarn. So, I have started a bag of mini's that are already in my blanket and I think I might start a second blanket, but the condition is that the new blanket needs to use the rest of the yarn. I also don't want it to be crochet since I can't crochet at all. I am leaning towards the Northeasterly by Skeinanigans. I already have elaborate plans to cast on 12 little toys with a deadline and I don't know if casting-on a blanket is the best use of my knitting time, however, I need to do something with the mini's before they grow out of control. I have a gallon ziplock that is about half full of yarn that is already in my cozy memory blanket but is too much to just throw away. I did an advent swap in 2019 that helped with my mini-stash management but I need to come up with a solution before it grows out of control. I would love to get to a place in my cozy memory blanket where I can finish a project, add a square and then add the rest to my to be decided scrappy project and not have a large bag of mini- skeins lingering for months in my cedar chest. Luckily, I am discovering the joy of working on my cozy memory blanket as I recover (again, more on that later in the blog) and deciding exactly what to cast-on next.

Finished Objects

This is a new section to the blog and I hope it's a regular section. I actually finished an object, my first since the end of January! I finished my Granny's Birthday hat with plenty of time to spare. Her birthday is March 18. I knit the adult small size of the Barley Hat by TinCanKnits in Yarnithology Worsted in the Historic Azalea Trail colorway. This hat got a lot of love when I was sick in bed and I was able to quickly finish in one day while resting. I was able to gift my Granny her hat yesterday when she was over for a visit. It's already getting lots of use!

a red, pink, and brown hat sits against a whitewashed wood background

WIP Wednesday

My Tecumseh Sweater- yes, this one is still a WIP. I hoped to have made significant progress on this project but bottom ribbing proved to require too much brain space when I was sick, which is why easy knits like my Granny's hat and my cozy memory blanket have been getting all my attention. I am about a half inch away from binding off the body of the sweater.

I have a few new cast-ons. The first is my Everyday Slouchy Beanie by Dragon Hoard Yarn. I am knitting the size small in Voolenvine's Dirty on Purpose colorway on her Nouveau base held with Legacy Fiber Artz' Grey Gardens on their cloud base. This was my reward cast-on after finishing my Granny's hat and it is also my travel knitting. I did have issues casting this project on but I blame that on the medicines that I am on. I originally started the project in magic loop but my cord was too short so I switched over to DPNs. I didn't really enjoy them for my purse knitting since I was worried about losing a needle or having to stop knitting mid-needle so last night at knit night I switched them over to a 12 inch cord and I am enjoying the knit so much more.

a wooden bowl holds two different  yarns connected to a hat. a cup of coffee sits to the side the mug reads 1. coffee 2. yarn 3. speak (in that order)

Egg-to-turtle: I have toy 1/12 on my needles and it is almost finished. I need to do some finishing touches and then I will be casting on another one. I am really enjoying picking different sock weight yarns to hold together to make the animals. This project is turning out to be quite the mini-skein stash buster.

a completed egg in white sits next to a turtle toys with needles connected to work on the shell

My Cozy Memory blanket is getting some love after sorting though my mini-skein stash and is the perfect knit for recovering in bed. I have been working on this project for a while but I don't know when it will be finished as I have not decided how long I plan to make it. I have made it as wide as a twin sized bed and my original plan was to make it to fit a twin sized bed but to use it for me as a throw blanket or extra blanket on my bed. Since then, I have discovered that I can only sleep under a 25 pound weighted blanket and I honestly don't need any extra blankets for warmth. I can see it being a sofa blanket or going on the back of the chair in my knitting area in my bedroom. So, we shall see if it grows to be a lap sized blanket or goes even longer. The best part about it is that I don't have to decided any time soon.

a basket full of mini-skeins sits behind a folded mitered square blanket with a full cup of coffee next to it

C'est la vie

I recorded and published my first ever Yarnithology podcast. You can check it out here. I will be alternating weeks where I post a blog or record a podcast. So, next week I will be uploading Episode 2 on Wednesday and you can find show notes right here, in the blogs.

I woke up Monday morning suffering from what I thought was simply allergies. I am allergic to the pollen of oak trees, a fact I discovered last year after getting extremely sick. Our current house has a giant oak tree in the back yard. Currently, our tan car has a yellow tint to it and as the weeks progress everything will be covered in a thick layer fine yellow pollen. I am also allergic to a flowering bush that is very common in our neighborhood. Luckily for me, both the bush and tree give off their pollen at the same time so I will only have a rough few weeks as opposed to a rough few months. However, by that night I was running a fever and felt horrible. I woke up and went to the doctor the next morning and getting diagnosed with a massive sinus infection that I have been fighting for months but losing. In fact, in my first blog post of 2020, It's been a while, I talked about how my family had been getting sick over January with the flu and then February with a secondary viral infection but it turns out, according to my doctor, that I probably didn't get the flu in January. She thinks that I picked up a virus at the same time my family had the flu and have been fighting to get rid of it ever since. It was just a coincidence I would end up sick with the rest of the family, most likely because I wore myself down caring for them which let the initial infection flair up with fevers and body aches and time in bed. I have been in bed ever since. I didn't have the energy or brain space to pick up any knitting until Thursday when I finished my Granny's hat. I got out of bed for the first time on Friday and have been slowly trying to ease back into normal daily activities.

Last night was knit night at Bayou Yarn Shoppe and it was also my daughter's first violin lesson. We were able to work out the timing so I was able to go to knit night while my husband brought the girls to music lessons. I worked on my Everyday Slouchy Beanie at knit night. I didn't want to bring my sweater and risk finishing the bottom and have to worry about picking up the arm stitches while. It would have required me to bring too many supplies and I wanted to keep it simple. While at knit night one of the wonderful knitters was working on a shawl and I couldn't stop staring at her yarn. I have had my eye on this yarn since last knit night and I couldn't help myself. I bought two skeins and since I'm still using birthday money, I treated myself to the cashmere base. It's divine. I have no idea what I am going to make with this yarn so for the moment, it will hang out in my stash for a bit while I decide. I thought about waiting a little while longer before buying the yarn but it was an exclusive colorway from February and they only had three skeins left in the store so I knew if I wanted the yarn I needed to get it tonight. I was not an impulse buy, since I have been thinking about the yarn for over a month. I took the time from when I first saw the yarn until I bought the yarn to make sure the colorway would work in my wardrobe, and I think it goes perfectly. I'm currently resisting the urge to abandon all of my current WIPs and cast it on.

two skeins of pink speckled yarn sit on a bag that says Bayou Yarn Shoppe

Thank you so much for reading this weeks blog. I will be back next week with Episode 2 of the Yarnithology podcast. You can find me on Instagram as Yarnithology or my personal account taylor_s_knits. I am on Ravelry as TaylorSuir and there is a Yarnithology group there as well. You can find my Etsy shop at I will be releasing new products soon so please check my Instagram for shop update news.