How are you doing?

I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to catching up with you.

Taylor Suir

Hey friends,

It has been a while. So much has changed over the past 6 months or so. How are you doing? Honestly. For me things have been difficult yet, I am privileged that they have not been worse.

Let me say this before I get too much further into this blog post: This is an inclusive space and I work and will continue to work to make sure it is and remains a safe space for all who visit. I will not tolerate hateful comments. I support equity for all, I support Black Lives Matter, I am pro LGBTQIA+ and if you have a problem with ANY of those issues, sure you're entitled to your opinions- BUT NOT HERE. The same goes for any platform I host using the Yarnithology brand.

Now that that's clear, let's move on.

Where have I been?


That's honestly it. I will occasionally go to a grocery store but my family has been practicing social distancing and self-isolation. We are in Louisiana and as soon as our state started opening up a little, we made a decision to visit with people who were social distancing in ways comparable to how we were. We were able to visit with a few close friends and extended family in person (in small groups) before Louisiana just couldn't handle being open and being responsible, so cases are increasing in terrifying numbers so my family is back to the original social distancing of March 2020. We're not leaving the house except for essentials.

Both Amélie & my husband, Kevin have been home since mid-March. Amélie attended online lessons for a few months, mostly to keep up her French and her Math. Kevin has converted our bedroom into a bedroom/office. Charley decided there was too much going on to continue daily naps which means I no longer get a daily nap. I won't lie, it took about a month to adjust to that.

What have I been doing?

Honestly, it feels like everything & nothing all at the same time. Plans for Yarnithology got put on hold for a while as my family and I adjusted to this new normal. I had a hard time with my anxiety and depression, and it took a few medicine adjustments (over the phone) and continued therapy sessions (over the phone) for me to accept where I am in my life right now. It is a work in progress. I found comfort in knitting until summer hit and our "feels like" outside temperature is in the 105+s. If I do any knitting it is with the AC on full blast & a fan blowing on me. I've been doing craft time with the kids, making pictures that we mail to our family almost daily. (Fun Fact: you can buy stamps online & have them mailed to your house!)

There is still some uncertainty about what the upcoming school year will look like. It seems like it changes everyday. One thing that is for certain is that my husband will be working from home indefinitely. For us, that means we needed to reevaluate our living arrangement and find one that works better for our family. Ultimately that meant making a move. We prioritized what was important for us as a family and we were lucky enough to find a house in just a few days of us beginning the process. I will say, house hunting during a global health crisis is unusual but we had a realtor who respected all of our wishes regarding social distancing and we close in about a month. While I am not overly exited about moving (even though its only a few blocks) in the summer heat, I am excited to settle into our space and I am already dreaming of making the house "ours". As a fun bonus- the closet in the room that will be my husband's office has a cedar closet so I will be able to store all my knitted garments in it.

What is going on with Yarnithology?

As of right now, my Etsy shop is on vacation as I make some changes. I used these past few months to really think about what I want from Yarnithology and that is to create beautiful and functional accessories for knitters and crocheters that are inspired by nature. I will be offering lava bead & jasper progress keepers (on your choice of closure) as a set along with a jasper stitch maker (on a jump ring). I will also be offering a resin progress keeper (on your choice of closure.) All of the designs will be inspired by nature. You will have the option to add an 18 inch necklace with heart-shaped lobster clasp to hold your progress keepers and stitch markers, creating a functional knitters necklace. You will also have the option to add a keyring or individual large lobster clasp to attach to a loop inside or outside your knitting back to keep your notions in once place. I will also be offering zipper pulls to attach to your project bags so you know what's inside! For now, I will offer: socks, sweater, shawl, and blanket zipper pull options. I expect to have those listed in my Etsy shop in the upcoming weeks. I am very excited to share the new Yarnithology with you soon.

I have been exploring different styles of resin and will be offering my prototypes of designs on my Instagram at a discounted rate with free shipping. All proceeds from the sale will go to ARCH Acadiana which aids the fight against homelessness in my city. I will post pictures of the the designs that I have, please comment SOLD underneath them and let me know if you would prefer a lobster clasp, lever back or jump ring and I will ship them out in 2-3 days. Once all are sold and I have a number for the donation, I will be sure to share that number with you. I will post an Instagram story explaining all of this.

You can follow me on Instagram here and DM me with any questions or concerns. If you would like to see a bit of my daily life, you can follow that Instagram page here. My website is undergoing some updates to reflect the new items I will have for sale but you can visit it here.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. If you want to just reach out for someone to talk to, I am here. For now, happy crafting and I can't wait to show you what I have been working on.

Much Love,