It's been a while...

A delayed end-of-year review, plans for my 2020 knitting, and some chat about daily life

Taylor Suir

Hello everyone and welcome to the Yarnithology blog. It's been a while...

Last year ended with quite a bang in our house. Let's go back to November 2019 when our eldest daughter, Amélie got tonsillitis during Thanksgiving break. Her doctor told us to schedule an appointment with our ENT as soon as possible. The week after Thanksgiving, we were sitting in the ENT's office scheduling a tonsillectomy for the Christmas school break. Amélie had surgery on December 19 ,and as a special treat for her birthday later that month, her amazing ENT pierced her ears during surgery. (It was completely Amélie's choice to have this done, and we were more than happy to support that choice.) The morning of her surgery I surprised her with a pair of hand knit socks that she was able to wear while we waited for surgery and throughout her recovery. She was so proud to tell all the nurses that I knit her socks for her! She spent the entire Christmas break, including her 7th birthday, recovering from surgery. Then, after heading back to school for about 2 weeks, Amélie came home with the flu. Unfortunately, the flu spread through the house and the rest of the family got sick. Our youngest daughter, Charley, and I ended up with a mild case but my husband, Kevin, was down for a few days. Thankfully, we are all feeling better!

Amelie's favorite stuffed animal wearing her handknit socks and mittens

While Amélie was recovering from surgery and Kevin was off from work, I used the break to really evaluate my WIPs and my stash. I took a Marie Kondo approach and made sure that every yarn and project was bringing me joy. There was some yarn that left my stash and got donated, and there were some projects that got ripped back and the yarn tucked away for a different project. I organized my stash in my cedar chest and decided on which WIPs I wanted to prioritize finishing. I may not have ended the year with clear needles, but I was able to end it with a clear direction for my future knitting plans.

Last year I created #makenine goals and only cast on ONE of them: a pair of fingerless mittens for myself that I actually finished in January 2020. So, I decided to not make a list of projects to knit in 2020. Instead, I plan to focus on filling gaps in my wardrobe and knitting projects that bring me joy.

Looking at my stash, I made a decision to not buy yarn, and instead to knit through the yarn that I really want to be wearing. However, my husband had a work trip come up and he asked me to make him some convertible mittens. Of course, I didn't have any chunky weight yarn in my stash so I ordered some. While the family was sick with the flu and we laid around watching movies and resting, I knit 3 pairs of mittens in less than a week. Charley's were first. She was obsessed with my fingerless mittens and kept asking me every time she saw me knitting if I was working on her mittens. I pulled out some yarn one morning and let her pick what she wanted for her mittens. She chose pink yarn and the next day she had her pair of mittens. She loves playing with them, no matter the weather.

Charley wearing her pink mittens

Amélie watched me knitting on Charley's mittens and started asking for a pair for herself. As soon as I cast-off Charley's, I cast-on a pair for Amélie.

Amelie in her rainbow mittens

I had finished one of Amélie's mittens when the yarn for Kevin's convertible mittens arrived. I knit his mittens over 3 or 4 days so they would be ready in time for his trip. As luck would have it, though, he ended up cancelling his work trip since he was in bed with the flu. After his mittens were done, I finished Amélie's second mitten, and now we all have a pair. There have been a few mornings that have been cold enough to wear our mittens while walking Amélie to school, so our family mittens are getting some use.

Family mittens

It's WIP Wednesday!

Currently, I have two projects on my needles. First, I am working on my Tecumseh sweater that I started in July of 2019, using Berocco Mantra yarn in black, pink, and white (colorways 4465, 4410 & 4402). I'm in the last colorwork repeat before knitting the rest of the body & ribbing, and then it's on to the sleeves! I'm looking forward to this sleeve island.

I also have a pair of vanilla socks on the needles that I carry with me at all times. For these, I'm using KnitPicks Felici in Witches' Brew on US 1 (2.25 mm) 9-inch circular needles. I knit the cuff using magic loop and then switched to 9-inch circular needles. This is my second time using the 9-inch circular needles. The first time I tried them I did not like them at all; I was using some bamboo needles—not my favorite kind—and I gave up before I even got to the heel. This time I bought myself Knitter's Pride Zings, which are my new favorite needles. It definitely took some time getting used to the rhythm of the needles, but now I love them. I don't have to worry about a long cord or losing a DPN while I am knitting on the go. The 9-inch needles are so convenient. I switched to DPNs to knit the toe and I will be putting in a true afterthought heel. I didn't use any waste yarn so this is going to be a learning experience. I'm pretty excited to cut my yarn.

Charley and I are slowly getting back to a routine now that Kevin is back at work and Amélie is back at school. We're also working on potty training right now, so we're spending a lot of time inside near the potty. Honestly, it worked out quite nicely because it's been a windy and rainy week, so we wouldn't be outside much anyway.

Mardi Gras

It's Mardi Gras season here in South Louisiana. This Friday night is my favorite parade, Krewe de Canailles which is an eco-friendly walking parade. The krewes hand-make the items they pass out, using recycled and renewable items. That's the only parade we plan to attend; if the weather cooperates, we hope to go camping during Mardi Gras break. My birthday (February 25) is on Mardi Gras day this year, and being out in the woods with my family is the best way to spend my birthday.

I ended August 2019 with big plans for Yarnithology, and then life just happened. The beginning of school was immediately followed by months-long sickness. Now that life is settling down to our normal routine, I hope to have weekly blogs where I chat about projects I'm working on as well as life stuff in general. Starting in March, I also hope to have a monthly vlog/podcast where I review my monthly makes, as well as adding some glimpses into my day to day life. I look forward to growing Yarnithology with your support.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. If you'd like to stay current with what is going on in the day to day life of Yarnithology, please follow me on Instagram and comment below or on Instagram with what is on your needles for WIP Wednesday!!