An introduction to Taylor, the maker behind Yarnithology

Taylor Suir

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Taylor, and I am the creator and owner behind Yarnithology. Currently in my Etsy shop, I have stitch markers and progress keepers (individually or as a set), basic necklaces, and beautifully functional knitter's necklaces—all featuring natural, unwaxed lava beads, which are perfect for adding your favorite essential oils. I will also be offering hand-dyed yarn later in the year. You can find more detailed descriptions of the items sold in my shop by checking out Etsy or by visiting the Products page on my website.

Now, a little about me. I live in South Louisiana with my husband and our two daughters. We have two cats, a dog and a hermit crab. I started knitting in 2013. I tried picking up crochet when I was pregnant for my eldest daughter, but I never got the hang of it. (Despite many attempts, I still can’t crochet more than a single chain for a provisional cast-on.) I discovered knitting after my daughter began playing with a knitted toy. After searching online for the difference between knitting and crochet, and watching a few instructional videos, something clicked in my brain. Off I went to a craft store for a pair of straight, metal knitting needles. I already had some yarn from my failed crocheting attempt, so I was ready to go. The first thing I ever knit was a 100% acrylic headband/ear warmer for my eldest daughter, who was an infant at the time. She hated it (of course) and never wore it. I persisted with knitting and eventually I made her a blanket she actually used. I haven’t put down my needles since! Knitting has become my “me time” and a way to create something for not only myself but also for those knit-worthy people in my life.

About a year ago, I was given a cedar chest from my Granny. It’s a larger-sized chest that holds both my stash and my knitted items. This summer, I decided to go through the chest and organize it a bit. At the time, I was feeling uninspired by knitting and hoped that playing around with my stash would spark some creativity. (Later, I realized it was just too hot to knit...Louisiana summers can be rough.) I had had a bit of a cast-on party the previous month, starting five new works-in-progress (more on those later). But none of my projects inspired me to sit and knit, so into my stash I went.

I started out by creating piles on my bed: yarn for gifts, yarn for personal projects, and sock yarn. After looking at the remaining yarn, I decided if it would ever grow up to become a gift, into something for myself, or if it was yarn that I was just holding onto because I felt like I needed to keep it in my stash. I filled a bag—a small bag—of yarn that I knew I would never use and set it aside to donate to a local creative reuse store. (They take unneeded craft supplies and resell them in an effort to reduce landfill waste.) I put all the yarn for future projects in individual bags and stacked them in the order I would like to knit them. I placed my sock yarn together, and when I was done, I was left with only five skeins that don’t have a specific purpose (yet).

Seeing my stash organized and knowing it is serving a purpose in the near future makes me excited for the possibilities held in my cedar chest. It is yarn that I will use to create beautiful pieces to wear or give to loved ones. They are knitted items that I know will be used to keep hands and heads warm and hearts full of love. What I create for my loved ones is more than mittens or hats or socks or baby blankets; it is an extension of my love for them, one stitch at a time.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. You can find me on Instagram as @taylor_s_ knits, my personal knitting page, or @yarnithology, where you can find up-to-date information about what is happening with my Etsy shop. I am also on Ravelry as TaylorSuir. There is also a Yarnithology Ravelry group. If you have any questions, you can email me at yarnithology@gmail.com.

Until next time,